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About Us

Clearstream Solutions is a global consulting firm, helping clients make and execute the big decisions on strategy, operations, and transformation. The firm focuses on solving areas of senior management concern, creating enduring value, and delivering impactful results. We serve our clients in the areas of strategy consulting, wireless network services, and information technology solutions. Clearstream enables cost-effective orchestration of optimal performance across the entire life-cycle and across all domains. We serve our clients in the areas of strategy consulting, program and project management, change management, information technology, enterprise systems, operational excellence, simplifying complexity & business process, supply chain management, and wireless solutions. Our services also help fixed, mobile, and broadband communications service providers (CSPs), and IT-intensive enterprises to improve the customer experience, reduce customer churn and deliver differentiated services, while improving the capital efficiency of their infrastructure.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consulting solutions which connect precise and sound skill sets with the toughest challenges in rapidly evolving Technology Sectors. Ensuring basic principles of honesty, quality, and fairness, we run a successful organization by delivering the highest quality services, developing with the market, and enabling situations which are the most rewarding for our clients and our people. Our versatility and competence includes (to mention a few) executive Strategy Consulting, Fixed & Mobile Networks, High-Performance Distributed Computing, Software-Defined-Everything, Data-Analytics, and the Cloud paradigm (IaaS/PaaS). Our 3 pillars are Performance, Execution, and Technical niche-consulting. We also provide full fledged software solutions development, program & project management, and architectural design as well as research into new technologies, early design, and proof-of-concepts (PofC). We help clients identify bottle-necks, optimize R&D processes, and fully automate the delivery chain, moving towards a service-oriented culture and continuous improvement.