Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization Services Overview

Sustaining and continuously lowering the cost position while meeting environmental and social responsibilities is an imperative for all businesses in today’s marketplace. Achieving a low cost position improves stakeholder value, drives growth by freeing up capital to invest in innovation and new product development, and offers additional pricing opportunities.

The ability to mitigate supply chain risk while controlling costs is no longer optional. In this new “instant” global marketplace, having a low cost position can be the difference between being a leader or an acquisition target. Industry leaders have the greatest potential to achieve value from agility in their supply chain – from product development to sales and marketing to operations.






Over the years, Clearstream has worked with clients from a number of industries to help them identify and remove no-value costs and take full advantage of the savings from the supply chain. Typically our clients achieve an enduring savings of 10% to 19% from our supply chain optimization services. Our supply chain optimization method is complex but our execution is simple. This dramatically different from the academic approach of identifying “low hanging fruit” or “the longest pole in the tent”. We take a wide view of cost containment and cost reduction opportunities to identify and focus our joint effort on all the highest value opportunities.

Our supply chain optimization diagnostic assessment is adapted to the way you run your business and best practices in your industry. Then we evaluate the value of products and services related to your customers, and ensure costs are properly aligned and transparent. Next, we architect your operations, regardless of the SCM systems you are using, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, or JD Edwards, supply chain and manufacturing capabilities, and execute the transformation.